What is Reality Really Like?

Necessary Being Quiz

How did our universe get here? What is our end? The answers to these questions start with our assumptions about reality. Is there some aspect of reality that provides a foundation for all else? See what evidence your beliefs and intuitions may provide for a necessary reality by taking this interactive quiz.


Looking for a new book for your graduate course? Want to get an overview of the currently debated theories of truth? Joshua L. Rasmussen, in his book "Defending the Correspondence Theory of Truth", gives a detailed analysis of how truth may correspond to reality via arrangements and answers many tough objections from truth theorists. This book is for anyone desiring to dig deeper into the metaphysics of propositions, facts, and truth.

Necessary Existence

Co-authors Alexander Pruss and Joshua Rasmussen offer a rigorous metaphysical analysis of the foundations of reality. Contained in this forthcoming book are new arguments for the necessary existence of some reality, answers to objections, and philosophical discussion of the nature of such reality. Expected release date is 2017 with Oxford University Press.

Continuity as a Guide to Possibility

I propose a new guide for assessing claims about what is possible. I offer examples of modal claims that are, in a certain intuitive respect, “continuous” with one another. [Read more...]

Building Thoughts from Dust: a Cantorian Puzzle

I bring to light a set-theoretic reason to think that there are more (identifiable) mental properties than (identifiable) shapes, sizes, masses, and other characteristically “physical” properties. [Read more...]

From Necessary Truth to Necessary Existence

I introduce new details in an argument for necessarily existing propositions. The crux of the argument marks out a pathway to the conclusion that necessary truths cannot themselves be necessarily true unless they necessarily exist. [Read more...]

Presentists May Say Goodbye to A-Properties

Philosophers of time say that presentism is a version of the A-theory of time. However, I’ll argue that a presentist may actually deny the A-theory by reducing tensed A-properties to tenseless B-properties. [Read more...]

How Truth Relates to Reality

Many people think that truth somehow depends upon the way things are. yet, it has proven difficult to precisely explain the nature of this dependence. [Read more...]


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Meet Josh

"I want to help people have insight about things that matter most."

Joshua L. Rasmussen, Professor of Philosophy at Azusa Pacific University, is an author, researcher, and presenter.

His areas of specialization are metaphysics and philosophy of religion. His curiosity about the big questions motivates scrutiny into the depths of metaphysics relating to time, ontology, and cosmology.